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Youth-Full Assembly of the Youth
Conservation Association in Augsburg

Youth-Full-Assembly of Youth Organization Conservation Association
in Augsburg

March was the Augsburg Youth Assembly held in full. Main topics of this year, including nuclear power with a demonstration in the city of Augsburg, were also an assembly line (Josef Hofer straw), and a new member of the National Executive Committee ("Lavo" selected) (Agnes Grasberger). Also in March, new ideas and campaigns of the new calendar of events from February until presented. At the JVV groups were around 50 delegates from local nature conservation covenant involved. The youth organization called the Nature Conservation Association JVV both organizational as well as an event, a complete success.



Conservation Federation welcomes Conservation Federation welcomes "fair milk"

The Bavarian Federation Conservation, welcomed the "fair milk", is distinguished with a fair price for dairy farmers and as a plus, since it is produced genetic engineering without any out. She is also the Bio-Siegel received.
Therefore, it is especially good choice as a. MVS has produced the "Fair Milk from the milk utilization southern Germany ().


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